Steam Applications

Due to their modular design and high-quality of production materials, Aqvapos steam generators have a wide range of applications, which include industrial steam used in automotive industry, construction, textile industry and packaging along with pure steam used in chemical, food and beverage industry as well as ultra-pure steam suitable for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Hospital & Pharmacy

  • Sterilisation of surgical instruments, bioreactors, tubings etc.
  • Steam supply for sterilising plants
  • Disinfection, decontamination, cleaning
  • Air humidifying for operating theatres and intensive care wards
  • Heating, cooking, pasteurising

Food & Beverage Industry

  • Steam supply for couldrons, mash tuns & wort kettles, cheese making machines, pasteurizing plants, reboilers and desulfitation systems
  • Homogenising, pasteurising, cooking, maturing, blanching (scalding)
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings, conveyer belts
  • Steam supply for crate washer, bottle rinsing machines

Packaging Industry

  • Steam supply for sleeve labeling machines and shrink wrappers
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings and conveyer belts
  • Humidifying, heating, remoulding

Automotive Industry

  • Shaping of parts, tubings and hoses
  • Thermofixation (heat setting)
  • Air conditioning e.g. at an engine test bench
  • Heating
  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing

Textile Industry

  • Steam supply of laundry lines, dryers, cleaning machines, rotary ironers, ironing boards and finishing equipment.
  • Moulding, flattening, humidifying, drying

Chemical Industry & Production Laboratory

  • Supply of process energy
  • Heating, moulding, flattening, humidifying, drying
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings and conveyer belts
  • Pressurised steam flow cleaning of tanks and containers

Steel Industry

  • Supply of process energy for cleaning systems and galvanic tanks
  • Hardening of steel (no inert gas shield required)
  • Cleaning and degreasing

Construction Industry

  • Curing of liners during water supply pipes renovation
  • Hot water supply for cement plants and truck mixers
  • Steam supply for steam distributors
  • Wood processing industry