What advantages do electric steam generators offer over fossil fuels?

Low investment costsNo complex infrastructure (boiler house, oil tanks, exhaust system, steam pipes, heat exchangers) necessary
Low maintenance costs / no downtimeNo annual boiler test because type approval according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive is available, no hearth show, no stoppages
High efficiency of approx. 98%Pure steam without heat exchanger, since all media-contacting parts are made of stainless steel 1.4571, only as much steam is produced as required (advantageous in the case of large fluctuations in demand, for example during night shifts), no lossy piping between steam generator and delivery point.
Little need for spaceNo space-consuming boiler house, no oil tanks, no elaborate piping necessary
SafeSystems redundant interpretable, no danger of the entry of pollutants and germs, as simple construction with few connection points, no danger of explosion
FlexibleAdaptation to the individual needs of the customer through modular design, steam capacity also scalable later, the amount of steam generated can be adjusted as needed
Operation less heavily regulatedNo check according to BetrSichV by the customer at commissioning, as already certified by the manufacturer by TÜV, no annual repetitive check by a monitoring agency necessary
Environmentally friendlyOperation with clean electrical energy from regenerative power sources possible, no emissions, positive effects on image of the operator
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