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Steam generators for different fields of application

Individual solutions

Our steam generators are designed for numerous applications. Together we will find individual configurations that meet your needs. We will gladly advise you in a personal conversation.

Individuelle Beratung und Lösungen

Advantages aqvapos steam generators


aqvapos electric steam generators can be operates with 100% green electricity. This is good for the environment and your company's image.

Long lifespan

Our steam generators are designed for a lifespan of many decades. All metal parts are made of indestructible stainless steel.

Modular construction

Due to the modular structure and the high control accuracy, aqvapos steam generators have an extremely wide range of applications.

Steam generators for industry, pharmacy, hospital

Steam generators fulfill a variety of tasks. They are used to produce industrial steam. To ensure that the steam generator works reliably, you should make no compromises when purchasing a device. The solutions of our company meet even the highest demands and are designed for permanent use (24/7).
All wetted parts of the aqvapos clean steam generators are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure pure steam quality as standard. Our proven aqvapos system can be easily adapted to individual needs due to its modular design. Apart from that, we offer special designs for steam applications that can not be covered with our standard portfolio.

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Experience and passion

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the production of electrically heated steam generators. Our customers know that we deliver the highest quality and excellent service. All our products are made exclusively in Germany. We only install components from well-known brand manufacturers. Our systems have a type approval according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Due to the special construction of our steam generator boiler, the produced steam is not only pure, but also very dry. Due to the energetic advantages of the electric steam generators in general and the high quality insulation of the aqvapos systems in particular, a very high efficiency can be achieved. Compared to oil- or gas-fired systems, no heat exchanger is needed for the production of pure steam.

Easy to use

Our generators are very easy to use due to the self-explanatory menu navigation in the touch display. Even users who rarely work with the steam generator can easily cope.
If the steam capacity requirements increase, this can be easily achieved by adding additional steam generators. The aqvapos systems are designed to access maintenance-relevant areas easily. Due to the high quality of workmanship and the high-quality components, the products from our company stand for a long service life. After just a few years, the investment made pays off. Should there be any problems, then our technical customer service is available to help and advise.

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