Dampferzeuger zur Sterilisation von OP Besteck im Krankenhaus

Hospital & Pharmacy

  • Sterilisation of surgical instruments, bioreactors, tubings etc.
  • Steam supply for sterilising plants
  • Disinfection, decontamination, cleaning
  • Air humidifying for operating theatres and intensive care wards
  • Heating, cooking, pasteurising
Dampferzeuger in einem lebensmittelverarbeitenden Unternehmen

Food & Beverage Industry

  • Steam supply for couldrons, mash tuns & wort kettles, cheese making machines, pasteurizing plants, reboilers and desulfitation systems
  • Homogenising, pasteurising, cooking, maturing, blanching (scalding)
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings, conveyer belts
  • Steam supply for crate washer, bottle rinsing machines
Dampferzeuger in einer Brauerei


  • Heating of cooking kettles, mash & seasoning pans
  • Sterilize kegs, bottles and filters
Dampferzeuguer für die Verpackungsindustrie

Packaging Industry

  • Steam supply for sleeve labeling machines and shrink wrappers
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings and conveyer belts
  • Humidifying, heating, remoulding
  • Shaping of parts, tubings and hoses
  • Thermofixation (heat setting)
  • Air conditioning e.g. at an engine test bench
  • Heating
  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing
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Textile Industry

  • Steam supply of laundry lines, dryers, cleaning machines, rotary ironers, ironing boards and finishing equipment.
  • Moulding, flattening, humidifying, drying
  • Supply of process energy
  • Heating, moulding, flattening, humidifying, drying
  • Sterilisation of packaging systems, hoses, tubings and conveyer belts
  • Pressurised steam flow cleaning of tanks and containers
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Dampferzeuger für den Einsatz in der Bauindustrie

Steel Industry

  • Supply of process energy for cleaning systems and galvanic tanks
  • Hardening of steel (no inert gas shield required)
  • Cleaning and degreasing